Monday, December 27, 2010

Totally Truthful, Tell It Like It is Tuesday.....

Now that the holidays are over and I have finally beaten this horrible stomach virus that ravaged all of my family; I am going to dive headfirst into my writing.  I completed writing the book I started last January.  All twenty-three chapters of it are being sent this week for edits.  While that book is being edited, and after my boys return to school I will be start working on my next book. But for now I am excited just to read other people's work.  I have a coffee table full of books that I can't wait to delve into.  But there is one conversation-coffee table book I truly love that Jamie bought me for Christmas, it's called the, "Book of Questions."  It contains thought provoking questions that have no right or wrong answers.  So to keep my blog going I am going to post a question every Tuesday.  I will answer the question honestly, and it really would be a lot of fun to see how everyone responds.  Some questions will be more difficult than others to answer. So come on and play don't be shy, just truthful and  post your comments at the bottom.  Here is the very first question.
~~~Someone you love deeply is brutally murdered and you know the identity of the murderer, who unfortunately is acquitted of the crime.  Would you seek revenge?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Age is Only A Number....Just a Number You Don't Want to Hear!

Tomorrow my husband the man I met and fell in love with at 16 years of age is turning 40.  OH, MY GOD 40.......It all seems crazy to me, and probably more so to him seeing he is the one turning it, and I'm holding on to 38.95.  I remember how we used to talk about growing old together, well we are actually doing it. 

The thirties they seemed to fly by in the wink of an eye. I still remember on my thirtieth birthday my mom telling me that my thirties would be the best years of my life.  She was right! Those were my boy's toddler years, and although they were probably the hardest years they were probably the most fulfilling. 

To me life seems to get easier with age.   Many may say that they loved their twenties, but I have to admit I would take any time period over that.  At the time I just entered the work force, and had my first "real" job.  I arrived each day at what seemed to be Dante's Inferno and Satan was my boss.  I also bought my first house, which came with a "real mortgage", it was a lot for me being in my early twenties.  The thirties brought me out of the work force, and home with my children, which I was very fortunate to be able to do.  I also returned to school in that time and received another degree much different than business.

With age does come appreciation of the many things of life, especially the times spent with friends and family. Petty things become no longer relevant.  The passage of time sparks new personal interests, and goals. I love seeing my mother, who is in her early seventies, travel to places she could of only dreamed of in her earlier years. 

I have to believe age is just a number.  My mind just cannot grasp the idea of myself, my husband, or any of our close friends as being 40 years of age.  I hope none of us ever feel 40 either. 

I truly believe now (because age just makes you wiser) that each age is a present from God, a gift to be enjoyed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love Your Body: Positive Ads

Love Your Body: Positive Ads

School officially lets out tomorrow.....Yay.....we'll maybe for a while. With that comes the summer weather, skimpier outfits, and yes, the dreaded bikini, or for some of us less daring the one-piece bathing suit. For some of us, our insecurities seem to run rampant at this time. We want to be in shape, and tan for the summer months. Unfortunately, our image of beautiful, has been pre-determined for us by the actresses, models, or performers we see in the media. As much as I have enjoyed shows like "Friends", and "Desperate Housewives" throughout the years, the size 2 - 4 that drapes the women on these shows is usually unattainable for most women. As for myself, I would look like a prepubescent boy in that size, but some women are naturally that size, and God Bless Them. My prayer for myself and other women, is to love the body you're in, treat it good 'cuz it's not going anywhere. Take care of it now, because you'll be thanking it later.

I looked over the negative ads on this site, and they are the exact negative ads that bombard me in the various magazines that I read. The women may be thin, but where is the glow? Some of them look like they are on crack (they may possibly be)....They all look submissive in some way. Notice that there is usually one woman in the ad, kept alone, isolated. I believe these ads are capable of driving anyone to an unhealthy addiction, check out Calvin Klein's ad I believe it's an advertisement promoting eating disorders.

But thankfully, some advertisers are getting it! KUDOS to advertisers like Dove, Cover Girl and Liz Claiborne for bringing out the healthy, natural beauty of a women. I especially love the advertisement for Liz Claiborne, the girl is a natural, beautiful, healthy looking girl, who glows. The same with the older-aged woman in the Dove advertisement, she is definitely comfortable in her skin, and proves you are beautiful no matter how old you are. Queen Latifah looks majestic as a queen in her ads for Cover Girl, she shines with her poise and confidence. I would love to see more advertisers jump on the bandwagon, I'm speaking to you especially Dolce and Gabbana and Calvin Klein because I love your products, as most of us do! Our young women and men need to see real beauty, that comes in all shapes and colors, without any assault being taken upon them, and without them looking like they are intoxicated in some way. As one of my favorite songs by TLC goes, they try to make you feel "Unpretty", and that buying into their disturbed image is the answer. I think we all are smarter than that!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Change is in the Air...

There is a different feel in the air lately. The feeling of Mother Nature teasing us with some warmer weather. Also, a deep feeling of change that is happening in so many people's lives. Never have I seen so many people making such radical changes in their lives. Many are embarking on an exciting journey in their lives right now, including myself.

Everyone can relate that even when change is positive, it's also incredibly stressful. Uncertainty is scary. So many people are stepping out of their comfort zones, and taking risks that they once thought were an impossible dream. Could it be many of us are reaching 40...., and finally realizing time really does fly.

It's unnerving to see many of my friends leave their bad relationships or marriages in order to start a better life, pursue educational goals that have been put on the back burner, or start a whole new career. It seems like we may be climbing a rather large mountain right now. But, in a year or so when we observe the view, how strong we shall feel. The journey is always the best part.

Please share any major changes going on in your life right now, however, good or bad, great or small. It's very exciting to hear about!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's the Small Stuff....

In life big bang moments come quickly, and the fireworks fade fast from the profound happenings and events that occur in life. But, the everyday small stuff adds to so much more. Big vacations, graduations, and weddings are events that take up the many pages of our photo albums. But, true everlasting joy often comes from the little everyday occurrences that we often take for granted.

We give and receive joy everyday in so many ways that we probably aren't even aware of. Such as reading or coloring with a small child. Sharing a cup of tea with a friend. Watching a movie with an Aunt. Going to church as a family. Helping a friend through a difficult time. Our neighbor dropping off tomatoes from their garden. A surprise note sent with words of encouragement. Snuggling with a sick child. Going for a walk with someone we love. Playing cards with family and friends. Long drives in the fall to see the autumn leaves and stopping to get cider doughnuts. Mom's chicken soup made just for you. Sitting at the kitchen table and sharing a meal with loved ones. Just listening to someone close to you.

We all have special memories that live within our heart and mind. They feed our soul. Although, they aren't captured in photographs, they are the cozy reminders of what is truly important in life. It's the small stuff.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's Not Forget Homebase

We have all been succumbed to the tragic circumstances that have hit Haiti. Before we even turned on the television that very day Haiti was living in a state of turmoil, due to the political upheaval and onset of hurricanes that have devastated one of the poorest and least developed countries. The United States of America offered its aid, and rightfully so, and because of us they will probably in the aftermath become more resourceful as a nation.

It is very hard to compare our nation's poor to Haiti's poor. Our poor still have hope....foodstamps, medicaid, etc. While Haiti's lack of government intervention have left them with no direction, and squalor conditions.

It was wonderful to see the incredible support that all of us Americans have shown toward Haiti. It proved that among our wealth we can still reach out to the less fortunate, even when they are way beyond our reach. It was great to see our very famous come out and ask for support for this troubled nation. Our very best, Bruce Springsteen, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aquilera and many more sang their hearts out, while images of suffering Haitians flashed across the screen. The phones rang and millions have been raised.

My only hope was that they could of taken a few minutes and shown images of the poor tent communities that are popping up all across our fine country. We still have so many suffering here, with 47 million Americans still lacking healthcare. Would it of been an absurd thought to take pledges for just a few minutes for our own brothers and sisters? Have we forgotten what is happening in our own backyard?

Friday, January 22, 2010

What If God Says, "Yes"

All of us at some point in our lives have prayed for a "yes" as an answer to many of our concerns and prayers. Sometimes the wait seems life forever. As I grow in my faith, I realize the concerns of my heart already rest in the Lord's hands. Whether it be a "yes", "no" or continue waiting. As I wait in faith for what I expect to be a "yes" I have come to realize the battle has only begun.

Whether your vice is food, money issues, restoring a relationship, beating an addiction, marital problems, or striving desperately to achieve a goal, etc. It's what is after the answered prayer that seems to be the's when the real work begins. Maintaining the gift that was given is most often forgotten. Such as, a relationship that has been restored... giving one's time to the other is the priority that most often gets overlooked. Beating an addiction is a challenge that one faces one day at a time....stepping away from the bad influences, and focusing on other constructive alternatives may seem to be a lot less entertaining over time. Losing the spare tire is wonderful....keeping the exercise schedule and the hands out of the cookie jar gets somewhat laxed after the weight is achieved.

I have found in my own life that I have to resist being lackadaisical after an answered prayer. I have to continue to pray for God's guidance in helping me maintain what has been granted to me, and for strength to resist the negative. It's the continuous dialogue with Him that gives me the aftercare I so desperately need and keeps my answered prayer a "yes".

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blessed with Boys

Just recently my mother cleaned out her basement and found two boxes filled with porcelain dolls and carousels, which I collected as a young girl. I had completely forgotten about those beautiful collections, although there was a time when they where so precious to me. Finding them brought back so many memories.....I remember packing them ever so gently because they would be saved for my beautiful daughter, who of course would cherish them as much as me.

Growing up I was a "Barbie" girl, I had every Barbie imaginable and each one had a name, and even her own personality as I would recreate scenarios between them. When the "Cabbage Patch Doll" craze came out it was my mother's mission to find me one. After several futile attempts she could only get a boy, "Nicolas Ross". I could not help hide my disappointment. Although, I proudly displayed him on the bed, in my heart I truly longed for a girl doll with pigtails and a pretty dress.

As a mother of two beautiful sons, without any plans of having more children I accept that my dream of having a girl is not going to be realized. I am surprised by the absence of longing in my heart for the beautiful daughter that I once so wanted. I love having sons, and would of chosen these two angels out of a pumpkin patch. Dance lessons have been replaced with Karate and Baseball. Tea Parties have been replaced with out of control wrestling on the bed. God did not grant me my childhood dream, but he gave me far more than I could ever imagine. As for the boxes of porcelain dolls and carousels, I have them put aside for my future granddaughter.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Facebook Friends???

After swearing that I would never join a networking site I joined Facebook in August. I must admit I love it and it's my guilty pleasure...It satisfies my passion for writing. I usually write a post everyday, and I must admit I'm a people watcher.

When I signed on to Facebook it was like entering Munchkinland, where everyone is welcomed by just a click of a button. After signing on I was amazed by how many people from highschool wanted to be my Facebook "Friend"...Yet, 20 years ago wouldn't even look in my direction. Of course, I obliged I was just as curious about their life as they were of mine. Since signing on I have yet to get a comment or posting from any of them...

Then, there are what I call the "Voyeurs" of Facebook. They are the "forgotten" Facebook friends, they write no postings, or comments that you could see. Although, if you happen to run into them they could recite your posts verbatim . These "Voyeurs" eat up everyone else's posts like chocolate-cream pie, without ever giving a glimpse into their own thoughts and lives.

Overall, Facebook has been great I have reconnected with some beautiful friends, and it is a great way to share everyday frustrations. Who knows maybe someday I will get a posting or comment from my FaceBook friend I didn't know 20 years ago, and still don't know anything about today. I guess I'll have to go check Facebook...