Friday, January 15, 2010

Facebook Friends???

After swearing that I would never join a networking site I joined Facebook in August. I must admit I love it and it's my guilty pleasure...It satisfies my passion for writing. I usually write a post everyday, and I must admit I'm a people watcher.

When I signed on to Facebook it was like entering Munchkinland, where everyone is welcomed by just a click of a button. After signing on I was amazed by how many people from highschool wanted to be my Facebook "Friend"...Yet, 20 years ago wouldn't even look in my direction. Of course, I obliged I was just as curious about their life as they were of mine. Since signing on I have yet to get a comment or posting from any of them...

Then, there are what I call the "Voyeurs" of Facebook. They are the "forgotten" Facebook friends, they write no postings, or comments that you could see. Although, if you happen to run into them they could recite your posts verbatim . These "Voyeurs" eat up everyone else's posts like chocolate-cream pie, without ever giving a glimpse into their own thoughts and lives.

Overall, Facebook has been great I have reconnected with some beautiful friends, and it is a great way to share everyday frustrations. Who knows maybe someday I will get a posting or comment from my FaceBook friend I didn't know 20 years ago, and still don't know anything about today. I guess I'll have to go check Facebook...


  1. I talk to you all the time!!!

    FB's a great way to reconnect with old friends. Sometimes, people are shy or don't want to share a lot of themselves because its on such a large network.
    I understand that.

    But for me,the pros totally outweigh the cons!!!

  2. That's true Shell, it is a plus we re-connected, and not everyone is as out-spoken, and vivacious as we are! (LOL)

  3. LOL!!!!

    Ain't that the truth!! LOL