Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blessed with Boys

Just recently my mother cleaned out her basement and found two boxes filled with porcelain dolls and carousels, which I collected as a young girl. I had completely forgotten about those beautiful collections, although there was a time when they where so precious to me. Finding them brought back so many memories.....I remember packing them ever so gently because they would be saved for my beautiful daughter, who of course would cherish them as much as me.

Growing up I was a "Barbie" girl, I had every Barbie imaginable and each one had a name, and even her own personality as I would recreate scenarios between them. When the "Cabbage Patch Doll" craze came out it was my mother's mission to find me one. After several futile attempts she could only get a boy, "Nicolas Ross". I could not help hide my disappointment. Although, I proudly displayed him on the bed, in my heart I truly longed for a girl doll with pigtails and a pretty dress.

As a mother of two beautiful sons, without any plans of having more children I accept that my dream of having a girl is not going to be realized. I am surprised by the absence of longing in my heart for the beautiful daughter that I once so wanted. I love having sons, and would of chosen these two angels out of a pumpkin patch. Dance lessons have been replaced with Karate and Baseball. Tea Parties have been replaced with out of control wrestling on the bed. God did not grant me my childhood dream, but he gave me far more than I could ever imagine. As for the boxes of porcelain dolls and carousels, I have them put aside for my future granddaughter.

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