Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Feel the Sunshine

     For many of us its that time of the year where we can finally catch our breath. The long awaited vacation is in the works. We feel the sunshine, and we hear the birds chirping. For others, the get it done list of home projects we hope to accomplish during the summer months seems to grow, and as the summer days go by it may seem very little is getting checked off.
     For others, events of summers past seem to block the sunshine. At times we may find it difficult to enjoy the peace of our surroundings, as our thoughts linger to those who are no longer with us. To someone in the midst of heartache and grief, it may seem that the places that once brought us joy and happiness is dying. As a person who has experienced these emotions, and is on the other side of the storm I can assure you that it does get better. You will notice the beauty around you once again. The person or event that stole your joy will feel less of a weight upon your shoulders as time goes by.
    Our emotions do transfer to those around us. Nothing hurts our spouses, children or members of our family more than seeing us experience sadness and grief. We must deal with our emotions head-on, through counseling, or any means that gives us some relief, even if it seems momentary; for their sake, but especially for our own. As much as we feel the pain, we must also remember to feel the happiness that exists around us. We need it and those around us need it from us. You may feel angry at God or abandoned, and that is perfectly normal. He grieves along with you. As far away as He may seem, He is there, and He is holding you in the palm of his hand. Allow yourself some joy, and He will seem closer than you think.

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